Hi, I'm Ilja

I love to create simple, safe, good looking stuff for everyone. I develop Apps, Content Management Systems and websites and much more. I create content for every conceivable medium. I can do this because of my years of experience. If you want to know more just give me a shout or scroll down to see more.

Brands I've worked for: OrangePrint, StudioCast, HighTech, ProLei.T., beet! AMC, Reefler, Nogoa Caravan Park, Rijschool De Rooij, StephenTeeuwen.nl, Praktijk 16, Sietske Music, Wordvilt, Verlengsjoerd, Voor Oranje Shirt, WilmaBousbos.nl

The full stack developer

I'm a full stack developer and crazy about making Apps. I can create a Web or IOS App without any hassle. I know multiple programming languages but PHP is my specialty.

My clients appreciate that I'm so versatile. This way I provide customization. Because of my knowledge of several programming languages I can let different components of your concept communicate with each other. An all in one solution is what I offer. Take a look around in my portfolio to get an impression of my work so far. Does this speak to you?

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Thank you Marith Roelofs (OrangePrint)

‘Snoober did an amazing job on building our website/online store! Ilja is very thorough, has a great eye for detail and has positively surprised us with the design side of things - we didn't have to worry about anything. We couldn't be any happier with the work done for www.orangeprint.com.au, it came out exactly the way we wanted it. Due to the clear communication and deadlines that were met we went up even earlier than expected - many many thanks and we will definitely recommend Snoober to our network!’ Next

A selection of my projects

My greatest achievement yet, Sam!

Your personal development App. I harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to analyze everything you tell me. I help and support you. I live in the Cloud and interact via your smartphone, computer, watch and other wearables. I understand what you say and get to know you better and better over time.

I do this intuitively, without any hassles. My algorithms expertly analyze everything you write to me. I get a good picture of your life, personality, emotions and how they change. The result? Immediate answers or advice that suits you.

Check out what the fuss is all about

The Reefler App

The Reefler App adds a new chapter to your Reefler story. With the Reefler App you are working smarter. The Reefler App is strength coupled with intelligence.

Fifty/Fifty is a new, fun and amazing guessing game

Download on the App Store!

Get ready for something new and fun on the App Store: Fifty/Fifty! The game makes numbers fun in way we've never seen before. Fifty/Fifty is a new and amazing guessing game for people of all ages. It is about luck as much as about statistics. Get into the flow: higher, lower, lower, higher, lower, higher, higher, game over! Bang! Share and restart.

The amazing Flappy+ game

Download on the App Store!

I made this game as a joke on the original for my friends and me. Tap the screen to make Flappy fly just like you are used to. Avoid Flappy's friends who are migrating to the south. Do not hit any trees while flying in the wrong direction.

Webshop for OrangePrint equipped with all the modern techniques

OrangePrint is professionalising the Australian printing market! They asked me to create a beautiful webshop for them. The result is amazing. The website uses WooCommerce which makes it easy for them to manage the shop themselves.

Modern techniques such as responsive design and SEO optimization are all incorporated into the site. We have not forgotten the link with offline media such as print. You only have to check out OrangePrints businesscards. This is what a fruitful cooperation can produce.

Check the webshop of OrangePrint

SEO optimized Bootstrap responsive website for Nogoa Caravan Park

Is it possible to have a website without CMS in this area? Of course! CMS’s like Wordpress still have on average a longer loading time. This website will be visited by many tourists on relatively slow Internet connections. By not using Wordpress we can achieve a shorter loading time.

In addition, you do not need a CMS system if you do not want to regularly change the content of your website. The development time of such a website is short, so developing costs are lower than with a website with a CMS, making it an excellent way to quickly create a micro-site or a landing page for an explosive marketing campaign.

Check the website of Nogoa Caravan Park

SEO optimized responsive Wordpress site for StudioCast

For Inter Visual Systems, it was necessary to realize a website rapidly that they can easily manage itself. The result is a fully responsive Wordpress website that they can work on the go. New content can be easily inserted. Video, photograhs and text is easy to adjust the phase of the product which they worry.

Through good cooperation has been achieved SEO score of 93 out of 100 for the website. That's impressive.

Check the website of StudioCast

SEO optimized responsive Wordpress site Wilma Bousbos

For Wilma Bousbos it is important to have an online identity that she remains close to herself. That did it! The Wordpress website is based on a painting created by a client of hers. This creates something special. Also with Wordpress, it is thus possible for the rest of your to distinguish.

It is possible to create something special in compliance with SEO, responsive design and everything a website needs these days to be successful.

The website is finished but still needs to be filled with content. Then he goes live!

Cross-platform HTML5 banner for ProLei.T.

In collaboration with beet AMC and Sjoerd Stellingwerf I've created a cross-platform HTML5 banner for ProLei.T.. The banner is mobile friendly and provides a smooth way for quality clicks..

Check out the banner

Cross-platform HTML5 banners for HighTech

In collaboration with beet AMC and Sjoerd Stellingwerf I've created cross-platform HTML5 banners. I've converted the design of Sjoerd to beautiful animated HTML5 banners that lead to quality clicks.

Check the banners

Rebranding Driving School De Rooij

No matter how big or small a company is, it is always necessary to keep renewing the brand. Because I've managed the social media and online and offline advertising campaigns for Driving School De Rooij for years this process has become an evolution. It remains a challenge to rebrand a strong brand that is well known in a close community.

The logo, corporate identity and text are all refreshed to better connect with the young target group. All this is incorporated into a new responsive website optimized for computer, smartphone and tablet. In addition, everything is implemented in the social media, online and offline advertising campaigns and their print. An all in one solution. Have a look!

Technische realisatie StephenTeeuwen.nl

Along with Sjoerd Stellingwerf I realized a stunning website created for Stephen, which uses the latest techniques responsive design. Stephen has over 25 years of writing experience and is a much sought bilingual copywriter. For him it is important that he can easily adapt the website himself.tself easily He does this by making use of Wordpress. See the result.

Technical implementation webshop Verlengsjoerd

For over more than two years somebody has posted a cartoon on Facebook every Friday under the pseudonym Verlengsjoerd". For the year 2014 "Verlengsjoerd" released a calendar with cartoons for the first time. For the sale of this calendar, I realized the webshop. Because "Verlengsjoerd" is very active on social media it was important that the webshop was well presented on each medium. In creating the webshop I have used responsive design. This allowed the webshop to be available on any smartphone, tablet or computer.

Technical implementation webshop Wordvilt

Wordvilt was a product developed by an advertising agency from Deventer, Sjoerd Stellingwerf. The concept jumped in on the popular App Wordfeud. Wordvilt is a letter game you play with coasters. For this concept, I have developed the backend of the webshop in which the sales took place. This webshop was based on the Content Management System developed by me and could thus be implemented in no time.

Technical implementation webshop Voor Oranje Shirt

Voor Oranje Shirt was a European Cup campaign by Sjoerd Stellingwerf. I developed the webshop of Wordvilt further for this webshop. As a result, the products could be ordered, paid for, processed and delivered more quickly

Concept + technical implementation Driving School De Rooij

Driving School De Rooij has long been a trusted customer. I created an identity for Driving School De Rooij that easily grows along with them. The online presence: website, SEO optimization, Adwords campaign and social media communications are all designed by me. I make sure everything works at all times. I also take care of their communications through print. For years I have provided a overall solution. Very convenient!

Concept + technical implementation Sietske Sings

A rising star! That's Sietske Roscam Abbing. Someone who you'll be saying 'I've created a website for her' about. The concept and realization of one of her first websites was done in no time. The website was state of the art for that time perfiod. It was ahead of his time by the flat- and liquid design. It was a fun project. After all these years we still inspire each other and we are happy to brainstorm about networking, newsletters, follow-ups and everything to do with business. Listen to her latest music.

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