Hi, I'm Ilja

I love to create simple, safe, good looking stuff for everyone. I develop Apps, Content Management Systems and websites and much more. I create content for every conceivable medium. I can do this because of my years of experience. If you want to know more just give me a shout or scroll down to see more.

Brands I've worked for

The full stack developer

I'm a full stack developer and crazy about making Apps. I can create a Web or IOS App without any hassle. I know multiple programming languages but PHP is my specialty.

My clients appreciate that I'm so versatile. This way I provide customization. Because of my knowledge of several programming languages I can let different components of your concept communicate with each other. An all in one solution is what I offer. Take a look around in my portfolio to get an impression of my work so far. Does this speak to you?

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A selection of my projects

My greatest achievement yet, Sam!

Your personal development App. I harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to analyze everything you tell me. I help and support you. I live in the Cloud and interact via your smartphone, computer, watch and other wearables. I understand what you say and get to know you better and better over time.

I do this intuitively, without any hassles. My algorithms expertly analyze everything you write to me. I get a good picture of your life, personality, emotions and how they change. The result? Immediate answers or advice that suits you.

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The Reefler App

The Reefler App adds a new chapter to your Reefler story. With the Reefler App you are working smarter. The Reefler App is strength coupled with intelligence.

Fifty/Fifty is a new, fun and amazing guessing game

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Get ready for something new and fun on the App Store: Fifty/Fifty! The game makes numbers fun in way we've never seen before. Fifty/Fifty is a new and amazing guessing game for people of all ages. It is about luck as much as about statistics. Get into the flow: higher, lower, lower, higher, lower, higher, higher, game over! Bang! Share and restart.

The amazing Flappy+ game

Download on the App Store!

I made this game as a joke on the original for my friends and me. Tap the screen to make Flappy fly just like you are used to. Avoid Flappy's friends who are migrating to the south. Do not hit any trees while flying in the wrong direction.

Contact me

Phone: +31 (6) 6 1998 15 18
Mail: ilja@snoobermedia.com
Web: www.snoobermedia.com

Facebook: www.fb.com/SnooberMedia
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