Monthly Archives: January 2019

Privacy 1 | Privacy Day 2019. How privacy focused are you?

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Can we still hear the word privacy? Privacy is hot! GDPR, AVG. You come across these terms everywhere. Especially when it comes to online privacy. It was the European Day of Privacy 2019 last Monday. You probably heard about it. We deal with privacy issues on a daily basis, but also with our own privacy->

Security 5 | Do you already use a password manager?

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How many passwords do you currently have? I’m at 442 and still counting. That are quite a few! Of all of those there is not one double. Of course I can’t remember all those passwords. I use iCloud Keychain for this. At Snoober Media we only use devices from Apple. Private also! This makes everything->

Security 4 | Management and maintenance app, webshop, CMS, game and website. Boring? Of course not!

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Have you noticed it with the update to WordPress 5.0? The doubt about when to exactly update? With such a radical update you always have to wait. We still have not updated our webshops and websites because we are still waiting for one plug-in that needs updating. Apps, webshops, Content Management Systems, games and websites->

Social Media 1 | The don’ts you have to avoid for more likes

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Do you have a trendy social media manager? The cool content creator who gets his content strategy out when you want to share something? Probably not. You often have to think of what you are going to share and when. How you respond when there is interaction with you on a social media. All things->