Come and have a look at our new workplace in Zutphen?

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What a euphoria! As of November 1st we will be located in our new office at the Kuiperstraat in Zutphen. A new place to do our customers and our own projects. It is a wonderful space. This makes us feel at home immediately.

De Ezerman is a nice place to connect new technology with old industry

“De Ezerman” is a monumental warehouse located in the center of Zutphen. It is a stone’s throw from the IJsselkade. The warehouse was designed by the architect H.A. Ezerman in 1915 for hardware retailer Brinkmann en Niemeijer. His great-grandson was involved in the current restoration of the warehouse as an architect.

Like many buildings in the old Hanseatic city of Zutphen, De Ezerman has great cultural-historical value and is one of the important industrial heritage of the Netherlands.

It’s an inspiring environment for us to do business. More photos will follow soon.

I'll come by and I'd love a stadswalblokje

What do we do?

Our passion is to turn creative ideas into an online business model. Part of that is developing apps, webshops, content management systems, games and websites. We guide you from idea, to concept, to realization. But it doesn’t stop there! After the launch, we help you with content creation, marketing, management and maintenance.

Customization. That’s what it’s about. We offer an all-in-one solution. We’ll guide you step by step and ensure that you have your online goals within reach. Do we have your attention?

Just come by

The coffee is always ready at this location. For our customers but also for people who don’t know Snoober Media that well. Just come by to talk about how a project is going or to ventilate new ideas. It is an inspiring environment so we are happy to spar with you.

If we know that you are coming, we will get Zutphense stadswalblokjes from Bonbonatelier Janson. Cubes with coffee filling in the shape of our stone city wall.

Visiting address
Snoober Media

Kuiperstraat 70
7201 HK Zutphen

Ilja Vinzenz

I am a full stack developer at Snoober Media and I love creating Apps, webshops, games and websites. Any questions?

Call me
Why have a website made in Zutphen?

Come and flex for a day

Of course you work well at home, sitting at the kitchen table. But it’s not that cozy. Customers don’t want to hear an over-enthusiastic toddler during a telephone conversation or a running washing machine. And your cats or dog are also not the most inspiring sparring partners. That is why you are welcome to spend a day here at the office. We work on a project basis in different compositions. Ilja is at the office every day, the occupation of our freelancers changes. This means there is always room for someone who wants to flex.

We have super fast wired and wireless internet. You can always grab coffee and we even have fresh water on tap. Without any obligation. Who knows what great projects will come from it.

Send us a message when you want come flex

Your online concept starts at Snoober Media

A series about Snoober Media

It is important to us to inform about Snoober Media. Soon you will read a new article in this series.

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    Come and have a look at our new workplace in Zutphen?

    What a euphoria! As of November 1st we will be located in our new office at the Kuiperstraat in Zutphen. A new place to do our customers and our own->

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