E-Commerce 1 | Is your webshop ready for the holidays?

Is your webshop ready for the holidays? This is the time of year when a webshop makes the most revenue of the year. E-commerce is booming during this period. This is also the reason why Black Friday is called this way. Most retailers go from red to black numbers. For Eigen Zinnig we’ll dot the i’s and cross the t’s this week so everything is ready for the busiest period of the year.

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These topics are all important to be well prepared for the holidays. How is your content strategy for the coming holidays? Have you already produced all the content so this does not cause any headaches when the content has to be shared?

Make sure your webshop looks attractive and the call to actions for the holidays are nicely displayed. The adjustments you make for the holidays must result in clear purchase steps.

It is important all SEO adjustments have been implemented so you make optimum use of the customized search terms that people use during holidays. Think of “santa claus”, “last minute santa claus gifts”, “popular gift” or “free shipping”.

If you need help, we will gladly help you. We can quickly solve bottlenecks. The basis is often good, a number of adjustments can make a big difference to actual sales. Feel free to contact us.

We are happy to give you some tips on what you can do yourself to optimize your webshop for Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas.

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Tip 1: Focus on adjustments to the home page

Bounce rates are higher during the holidays as in other periods. This means people do not visit more than one page of the webshop. With organic traffic this is mainly on your homepage. Therefore, make adjustments for the holidays on that page.

Tip 2: Provide a sub header that is visible on every page in which you show a sale for the holidays

Because this sale is visible on every page, you can easily lower the bounce rate if visitors reach your webshop through a different channel.

Tip 3: Create a page on which you announce your sales

Create curiosity among customers by announcing coming discounts on a specific page. Indicate that you will provide more information later. Do this through e-mail so people have to register for your newsletter.

Tip 4: Give special discount to followers on social media

Share discount codes through social media which are valid for a short period. This gives customers an extra reason to purchase at that specific moment. Alternate this with discount codes that apply for a longer period.

Tip 5: Create a distinctive holiday category

Create special pages such as “Gift ideas for Christmas” or “Christmas offers”. Add products to these pages with a special discount or which fits well as a present for this holiday. This ensures your visitors arrive directly at a convenient location.

Who created those cool illustrations?

Those are from our illustrator Marijn. She draws a lot for us but also for herself. If you are looking for nice Christmas gifts you should definitely check out www.marijnvinzenz.com. Currently she’s having her holiday sale! Great shopping with a discount. Her artwork is also for sale at Eigen Zinnig in Zutphen.

Eigen Zinnig is a sustainable children’s store in the city center of Zutphen. They sell home-made and durable products in the areas of pregnancy, birth and everything children need for development in the early years.

Those nice illustrations can also be downloaded from the App Store as Stickers. Super cool. Take a quick look!

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It is important to us to inform about e-commerce and to give tips about a webshop. Therefore read the next article, “E-Commerce 2 | What are the trends for webshops for 2019?“, about e-commerce.

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