E-Commerce 2 | What are the trends for webshops for 2019?

Is your webshop optimized for mobile? More and more people are visiting a webshop on their smartphones. It’s logical, many visitors come to your webshop via Instagram, Facebook or other social media apps. Your webshop is loaded within the app. This is why visitors see the mobile version of your webshop. Fun fact, the purchases ultimately happen most via a normal computer.

Trend 1: Mobile-first Commerce

The shift from desktop to mobile in the e-commerce has really started. Mobile First is the trend. Visitors first see the products in your webshop within an app, after which they order on the “old” desktop. It is a logical development because people spend most of their time in apps such as Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. What we share, the ads we buy, they are displayed on mobile. This means that visitors initially end up with the mobile version of the webshop.

The first strolling takes place on a mobile platform, which is why it is important to use this experience. Here you tempt the visitor to make purchase. Your webshop must be adjusted accordingly. Make sure you get this experience in place in the first quarter of 2019.

Trend 2: Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Big brands like Amazone, Ikea and Wehkamp let you try their products in your own environment. Products such as furniture and interior accessories can be tried in your own home as if they were in your living room. You can immediately put down that cute sofa and see if it fits the rest of your interior.

AR and VR have taken big steps in recent years, partly because Apple has released ARKit. This makes it available on every modern iPhone or iPad.

The technology is still too expensive to implement within a smaller e-commerce environment but certainly a trend to keep an eye on. It will turn the future of e-commerce upside down. If you do not have the budgets to invest in this, trend 3 is important to focus on.

Trend 3: focus shifts to ‘less’ and at the same time ‘more’ visually

There are two different shifts taking place in the visual area. Because it is mobile first for orientation within a webshop, the mobile webshop experience will become less and less visual. This offers the finest experience for a mobile visitor. The webshop must be well-organized with little distraction on the smaller screens compared to the desktop. The desktop experience becomes a kind of catalog where you completely go visually. Here you convince the visitor to complete the purchase steps. Orientation has taken place in a mobile environment so here you can visualize what the product can do for the customer. A synchronization between shopping baskets and wishlists is therefore increasingly important. Visitors do not want to start over with shopping baskets when they switch devices. This often causes the customer irritation.

Video content is becoming increasingly important in e-commerce. Not only to share on social media but also within your webshop. Video content looks great on mobile and desktop. You have to take this into account. Moving images of clothing offer shoppers the opportunity to make a better choice when they see how the clothes are worn. You can often easily add product videos because big brands share these on their YouTube channel. This way you can easily add product videos to your webshop.

Contact us with questions about these trends

Trend 4: Personalization

Amazon says 35% of their turnover comes from recommendations they make based on your previous purchases, your search history and all other data they have. This percentage will probably not be that high at your own webshop, but due to personal recommendations the turnover of your webshop can be increased by 15%. Think of product recommendations that match the product being viewed.

In addition to these personal recommendations, there is also a movement on price personalization. There are various tools to automatically determine the price for a product. Large websites use factors such as demography, age, professional group, purchase history, time of day and countless more data. These techniques have been used for years in the pricing of airline tickets.

“Did you know that plane tickets can best be booked 6 months before the departure date on a Tuesday at lunchtime. Book from a location where the incomes are not high. Remove the cookies from your browser or use Tor. That way you always get the best price.”

Nowadays you also notice this at stores like Zalando and Media Markt. The prices change so frequently that you are always looking for the right deal. Moving with competitors can be positive on one hand. The price is adjusted automatically. On the other hand, this also causes annoyance for the customer. On a certain day, an automatic price decrease can be used. The customer waits for another day and discovers that the price is high again. Or the price may drop one hour after the purchase. So think carefully about automatic pricing.
Black Friday last year this was extremely noticeable. Products were offered at dump prices overnight, while by the time people woke up they were already hundreds of euros higher. Sleeping a night on a purchase can be annoying to the customer and can create a negative feeling for your brand.

Trend 5: Faster delivery and better logistics

You will see it around Sinterklaas (Dutch holiday) again this year. The holidays provide crowded logistics centers. Packages that are delivered late. This leads to frustrated customers. You can have everything in order all year round, but if you disappoint the customer around the holidays, this can cost you a customer. Even if it is not your own fault at all.

In 2019 the trend is same day delivery. This will not be feasible for many small webshops. The big names like Bol.com and CoolBlue will bet big on this. It is logical that it is not feasible for you as a smaller webshop. Try to bet on next day delivery. This is a must for many potential customers. The later you can order the better. “Ordered before midnight, tomorrow at home” is what you at least should use for your webshop.

Trend 6: Chatbots

Communication is becoming increasingly important. Many customers seek contact through social media. This gives the customer an extra leverage because criticism is generally made in public. It is important to handle this properly and professionally.

A good chatbot in your webshop adds a lot of value. The more standard answers the chatbot knows the more value it adds. You know your customers and therefore know what the most frequently asked questions are.

Use this data and make standardized interactions. AI can help you with this.

With a chatbot, this is a thing of the past!

Conclusion: we go faster, more social, more customer-oriented and mobile.

Contact us if you want us to realize these trends for you. We are happy to help you and are always open to a conversation. We answer your questions and check how we will integrate the trends of 2019 into your webshop.

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A series about e-commerce

It is important to us to inform about e-commerce and to give tips about a webshop. Therefore read the previous article, “E-Commerce 1 | Is your webshop ready for the holidays?“, about e-commerce. Soon you will read a new article in this series and we will give you more trends for 2019.

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