E-Commerce 4 | Are you already lagging behind with your webshop for the holidays?

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What about the preparations for the holidays? The stocks for Black Friday and Christmas must have been ordered and delivered by now. Of course you also have your content calendar ready for the next 3 months. Started with content creation. Your webshop has been adjusted and optimized according to the latest SEO techniques. In addition, you can almost start preparing your ad campaigns. Sounds good! Still not that far? We heard that from different customers in recent weeks.

Don’t miss that opportunity to generate a lot of extra revenue!

In the last months of the year you can really generate a lot of extra revenue as a webshop. It starts on that increasingly important Black Friday. I’ve noticed that I am starting to postpone some purchases that are not immediately necessary. I’ll do them on Black Friday. Maybe you are not as big a store as Amac or the Bijenkorf. It can nevertheless be interesting to participate in Black Friday and adjust your strategy accordingly. You’ll have made your first extra revenue.

61% of the online gifts for the holidays are made in November and December

How do you choose the right products for your webshop during the holidays?

Map which products sell best. Offer this with extra discount. Make sure you get these products cross sellers. These products are not or only marginally on sale, which means that you will achieve a high profit margin here.

In addition, it’s good to show new products with the discounted products. It makes sense for the customer the new products are not on sale. The customer can easily add new products during the ordering process, thereby increasing the profit margin on the order. It is generally not necessary to increase your inventory with these products as much as with your key sellers.

Make sure you can deliver all your products for the holidays. It is disappointing if a customer doesn’t have a gift during Christmas morning. In addition, it will immediately costs you that new or returning customer.

We are happy to help with the preparations

Make sure the packages from your webshop are on time for the holidays!

It remains a major problem for webshops. Ensuring the packages arrive at the customer on time before the holidays begin. It is understandable. The package services increase the numbers they can handle every year. But somehow we always order much more than they estimate in terms of growth.

Despite the means to persuade customers to make the purchase earlier, the purchase peak will still be in the two weeks before the holidays. Always indicate at different places in the webshop until when orders can be made with the certainty that the order is also available for Christmas. Ask your shipping service how the delivery in previous years went. Always add one or two days to this because it is the same song every year with packages not arriving on time.

Now that the holidays are getting closer, it is really time to get the aforementioned things in order. You already start with a disadvantage. We are happy to help with the preparations for the 2019 holidays. Together we ensure that you and your webshop can still benefit from this time through extra sales. Contact us to make an appointment.

Your online concept starts at Snoober Media

A series about e-commerce

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