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Okay, you’re right. Our head office is located in Zutphen. We come from the big city and still come to Amsterdam on a weekly basis to consult with our customers. The benefits: we feel the heartbeat of the west and work everything out in the tranquility of the east. For us the best combination.

We won’t only develop a website, but we’ll create your online business model. A website is much more than an online business card. It is a process from idea to concept and realization.

It doesn’t stop there. After the launch we will help you with content creation, marketing, management and maintenance. We’ll keep an eye on the goals set by monitoring and analyzing different data flows and making adjustments where necessary. This allows you to maximize your online activities while you can do what you do best. Curious?


Ilja Vinzenz

I am a full stack developer at Snoober Media and I love creating Apps, webshops, games and websites. Any questions?

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Trusted as our capital

Thanks to our experience at home and abroad, we know Amsterdam entrepreneurs want and work a little bit different than many media companies are used to.

This means you get a beautifully fitting solution that feels just as familiar as our own Amsterdam. Take a walk over to Arena Fysio and Athletic Fitness and ask why they chose us.

We are happy to chat about how we can do this for you. Soon you will just drop by at our new office in Amsterdam. Call or send us a message so we can schedule an appointment with you.


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