Laravel 1 | Why am I so in love with Laravel?

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Do you also think about WordPress when thinking about an online solution? WordPress is a good solution for many online applications. I create many projects based on WordPress. Often you use many different plug-ins with WordPress that you have to “undress” before you have the right application for the user. Laravel is a PHP Framework that allows you to tackle an online application in reverse. You build on top of the framework. You are “dressing up”. This allows me to deliver a solution that exactly matches the wishes of the customer. The solution is also more scalable and focused on growth. That’s why I’m so in love with Laravel!

The benefits of Laravel

Laravel is nice and light compared to other PHP frameworks. This provides speed. Not only speed that you notice when using the end product, but also when developing an application. The Laravel code is structured in such a way that you do not get an infinite string of codes. This makes it easy to manage large projects with a team. It is also easier to work on an existing project. That way I can easily deploy multiple developers when this is necessary for a project.

This is not only due to the framework itself, but also because there are certain agreements within the community about how you code. There are agreements on how to style the code so that everyone knows the way you can work on an existing project.

The PHP Framework for Web Artisans!

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With Laravel it is not about complexity

Sometimes there is a discussion that good code is always complicated. The more difficult the solution to a problem is, the better the code, so the better the developer. The Laravel community has abandoned this. How can I come up with a solution by using the agreed rules with as few codes as possible? That is why I am in love with Laravel. It is about the “KISS”. Keep it simple stupid. The back end of Fifty/Fifty is also based on Laravel.

A disadvantage of Laravel

There are many standard solutions in Laravel. Because the Framework is relatively new, well gaining popularity, and many developers still have to learn to work with it, it sometimes happens that developers themselves code a solution that is already available within Laravel. This solution did not have to be worked out because Laravel already provides this.

Will you also fall in love with Laravel through Laracasts?

At Laracasts you can find screencasts for the modern developer. It is a kind of Netflix for developers. I have been using it for years. Okay, not to take big steps, but more like a reference work. The forum is a good place to ask fellow developers questions if you are stuck and have nobody to spar with.

For starting developers it is very useful to learn more about PHP, Testing and things like SOLID, design patterns and of course to make Laravel your own. The latter is especially important when you first start working with Laravel. I would recommend that you immediately go for the “Forever” plan. It is really something to use as a reference in the future. Before you know it you are in love with Laravel! Pssst, they always have a good offer during Black Friday. If it’s almost Black Friday, I would wait for it.

Zoals ze zelf zeggen

Nine out of ten doctors recommend Laracasts over competing brands. Check them out, see for yourself, and massively level up your development skills in the process.

BTW, it’s good to have humor in the Laravel world. After years of experience it is nice to have an environment where it’s all a little lighter and where the best solution is key. Even though it sometimes seems too simple.

The first requests for solutions based on Laravel are already coming in. I will tell more about that later. Would you also like to discuss what Laravel can do for your organization?Contact meto go through a free innovation session without obligation.

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