Security 5 | Do you already use a password manager?

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How many passwords do you currently have? I’m at 442 and still counting. That are quite a few! Of all of those there is not one double. Of course I can’t remember all those passwords. I use iCloud Keychain for this. At Snoober Media we only use devices from Apple. Private also! This makes everything easy to synchronize automatically and all data is available on all devices.

Are password managers safe?

Certainly! The encryption is on military level. You can not crack this with the most powerful computer in the world. Yet it is about trust. You trust that the company behind the password manager handles your data properly.

We believe password managers are safe to use. Even if the data lock is stored in the cloud. It is safer than storing your passwords in a note or Excel document for example. Malicious parties, governments and managers’ companies can not access the content of the safe without having the master password.

There are always people looking for weaknesses. Often they are ethical hackers who want to help to make the password manager stronger. In the past, there have been bugs in the software, but they are immediately resolved. As far as we known, a malicious person has never gained access to a data locker from a password manager without a master password.

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Contact us with questions about password managers

Tips: use password manager

  • Use a strong master password. With this password you get access to all your other passwords! Never write this password anywhere but choose an easy to remember password sentence!
  • Always change weak passwords in strong passwords if your password manager notifies you. Preferably use at least 15 random characters.
  • Always use two-step verification with your online accounts if this is possible. In addition to your master password for the password manager, this is an additional means of logging in, for example via SMS or an app.


When the password managers first came on the rise, we used 1Password. We started using 1Password in 2008. Partly because of this, it is still the favorite for us. We only switched to iCloud Keychain because it works even easier on our Apple equipment.

1Password can be used on the Mac, IOS, Windows and Android. It is the favorite with Mac users. We like 1Password because it has a clear interface. You get a clear warning when passwords have been leaked. There is a lot of documentation available. This makes it easy to get started. You can put your data lock in their cloud or do on your own. You can also store the data lock locally.

1Password is one of the first and most reputable providers. That is why we is recommended it.

Download 1Password


LastPass is very similar to 1Password and is more preferred by Windows users.

One of the big advantages is that LastPass offers a comprehensive free version. This allows you to check if LastPass is something for you. In addition, they offer you the choice of which server you want to choose to store your data lock. This means you can choose not to store your data safe on a server in America where privacy legislation is less strict.

Download LastPass

iCloud Keychain

As a true Apple fan, you can not ignore iCloud Keychain. All your passwords are synchronized on your MacOS or IOS devices. You can enter them easily in the browser and within Apps.

We have been using it for years and have been a fan since the first day. You are no longer banging with a separate App that needs to be updated on all your devices. I also save my credit card details privately here. Shopping is even easier!

Benefits of iCloud Keychain

  • Automatic generation of strong and unique passwords
  • Automatic saving of passwords
  • Automatic synchronization of passwords
  • Automatic filling in of passwords
  • Automatically fill out credit card details
Read how to set up iCloud Keychain

Do not use the storage function of your browser

Let’s start with an exception. Safari en Firefox. Safari is part of the iCloud Keychain and completely safe. Just like Firefox. The passwords are stored encrypted. With other browsers this is not always the case or weaknesses are known.

Still use strong passwords!

Remember that having a password manager can make your life a lot easier. It starts with a strong password and turning on two-step verification.

Again the requirements for a strong password

  • Never use the same password twice!
  • Always use a minimum password length of 15 or more characters
  • Always use uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers and symbols
  • Avoid repetition of characters
  • Never use letter or number sequences, usernames, pet names, romantic relationships or information about yourself
  • Never base a password on information which is associated with you
  • Never use information that your family, colleagues and/or acquaintances know about
  • Never use a password that consists of any combination of the weak components mentioned above
  • Generate a random password for the most secure option!

Switch to a password manager today

It is very easy to use a password manager. You choose the one that suits you best. You install the software and gradually the password manager will be filled with your passwords because you will be asked each time to save the login details. After this you do not have to re-enter them. Also when changing the password you will be asked to save the changed password. Everything is immediately synchronized over the cloud.

Contact us if you have questions about password managers. We are happy to help you make the right choice and see how we can improve your online safety.

Your online concept starts at Snoober Media

A series about security

It is important to us to inform about online security. Therefore read the previous article, “Security 4 | Management and maintenance app, webshop, CMS, game and website. Boring? Of course not!“, about security. Soon you will read a new article in this series.

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