Security 7 | Why does WordPress security remain such a hot topic?

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You regularly hear messages in the media about the hacks and malware that nestle in unsafe installations of WordPress. So much is being written about it that we’ve noticed our customers have become insensitive to all the reporting on WordPress security. Unfortunately, a hack or malware on your WordPress webshop or website can have nasty consequences. Every week Google places around 20,000 webshops and websites with malware and around 50,000 for phishing on its blacklist. If this happens you can no longer be found on Google. You have lost your SEO score and ranking. As a result, fewer people end up in your webshop and on your website and that will cost you turnover. You start rebuilding your online visibility.

In 2018 90% of the hacked CMS sites made use of WordPress

We regularly perform repair work for our customers. When we do this it’s not just about restoring the webshop or website to it’s formal glory. Because hacks and malware are very advanced, this takes many hours. The wrong code can nest in various places on the website or in the database. Getting the webshop or website from Google’s blacklist and restoring the SEO score and rankings in particular takes a lot of time. We do this organically, which means it takes a long time for you to get back to your old ranking.

Passion for management and maintenance

Because of these figures, our passion for management and maintenance is great. It gives as much satisfaction as creating an app, webshop or website. Well, almost. We have been managing apps, webshops and websites for years. Whether we have built them or someone else has. To offer these services to more webshop and website owners, it is now possible to order our management services online. We introduce the WooCommerce Webshop Management Service and the WordPress Website Management Service.

You already understand by now that good management and maintenance are important to keep hacks, viruses and malware out of your webshop or website. You can do this by using the latest security techniques. We have been using fixed checklists for this for years. This means we do not skip a step in our management and maintenance.

These fixed checklists and working methods made it possible for us to purchase services that we need for this on a larger scale. We pass these economies of scale on to the customer. You now no longer pay per hour for basic management and maintenance, but a fixed amount per month.

Our customers also manage their webshop or website themselves, whereby they engage us if something goes wrong during the updating or if there are too many update notifications at the same time. You are often overtaken by all the events.

Within our management services we include your webshop or website in our fixed management cycle. This eliminates the gaps that customers have in their own cycle.

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WordPress Website Management Service
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WooCommerce Webshop Management Service

Our management services

With our management services you will no longer suffer from hacks, viruses and malware. Through good management and maintenance, they remain outside your door. You will no longer have open doors on your webshop or website. An open back door is annoying. Abuse is lurking. You prevent this through our services.

73% of WordPress sites have open doors that can be misused

Because we manage our own systems, we know which doors have to be closed and when. We use the latest security for this. That way you don’t have to worry and you can focus on sales, content creation and growth. We work with fixed checklists. This allows us to see whether everything is still up-to-date or whether we need to take action. This way we do not miss a step during the management and maintenance of your webshop or website. Because of our management and maintenance, everything is always properly locked.

52% of the reported vulnerabilities came from plug-ins

The WooCommerce Webshop Management Service

As a webshop, your main focus is sales, creating content and managing all your social media channels. Managing, maintaining, updating and protecting your webshop is not your thing.

That is why you choose the WooCommerce Webshop Beheer Service now.

The WordPress Website Management Service

A website is more than an online calling card. It hasn’t been a static page for a long time. You have a dynamic website with varying content. In addition, you still manage all your social media channels and you also have to deliver your services. By outsourcing the management of your website you get much more time for this.

That is why you choose the WordPress Website Management Service now.


Do you update your webshop or website every month?

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It is important to always keep your webshop or website up to date so that there are no vulnerabilities to abuse.

Do you always make an offsite backup before you update your website?

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If you make a backup within Wordpress and something goes wrong that prevents you from entering the Wordpress back-end, you will no longer be able to restore your website to the backup made.

Do you automatically know when your site is offline?

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Do you manage your webshop or website properly?
Get to work!

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Now is not the time for a cup of coffee, but time to take action. Take advantage of our promotion now and ensure that your website is managed 24 hours a day by Snoober Media. Order one of our management services now with 10% extra discount!

WordPress Website Management Service

WooCommerce Webshop Management Service

This is great!

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It's great you maintain your webshop or website this way. But as a content king or queen you naturally only want to focus on that! Order one of our management services now with 10% extra discount!

WordPress Website Management Service

WooCommerce Webshop Management Service

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Why the shift to online?

We develop online business models for our customers. It is therefore not surprising that we regularly examine our own business model. We are experiencing growth and adapting our business model accordingly. We will be releasing two new games in the coming period. In addition, we will launch a social media platform in May 2020. We learn a lot and are happy to apply these new insights to our customers. To facilitate our growing clientele, we have to automate work. This provides us with economies of scale. We pass these benefits on to our customers.

There is much more on the program at Snoober Media that will benefit our customers in the coming period. We will be happy to tell you more about the products soon, so that you can focus on your core business again.

Order now with a 10% discount!

Use this discount code at checkout


Order one of our new products now

Your online concept starts at Snoober Media

A series about security

It is important to us to inform about online security. Therefore read the previous article, “Security 6 | Does the latest news about the use of your password manager scare you?“, about security. Soon you will read a new article in this series.

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