SEO 1 | 404 notifications are killing for your webshop or website

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Do you also get annoyed about 404 notifications? They are killing for your webshop or website. How do you make a cool 404 page? View the coolest we encountered below. A 404 notification is a bummer for your site visitor. As a result, they leave nine out of ten times. Your bounce rate goes up but more important you’ve lost a visitor. 404 pages are not killing for your search engine ranking but Google does say it has a negative effect on your crawl budget. We’ve recently received many questions about resolving 404 notifications. We are happy to tell you more about it.

It is important to refer 404 pages to existing pages

You will receive a 404 notification if a page is not found. You visit a URL that no longer exists. It is important to refer 404 pages to existing pages. This is easy to do with a plug-in within your WordPress site Redirection.

Help me create a 404 page

It is also important to have an informative 404 page. This is our 404 page. It is important to link from your 404 page to other pages of your webshop. Of course you also show a number of blog articles. If you have a webshop, you show the most sold products. You also add the option to contact you. Make something fun out of it.


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Pixar 404

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Lego 404

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Marvel 404

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Specilized 404

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The WordPress plug-in Redirection against 404 notifications

Redirection is the most popular redirect manager for WordPress. You can easily manage 301 redirects, track 404 errors and redirect all dead URLs (404 notifications) that you encounter on your site. Because your visitor is always redirected to an existing page, they’ll leave your website less quickly.

Create redirects

It is very easy to redirect an old page to a new page. You do this by adding a new redirect. For instance:/my-old-page/ to /my-new-page/. Suppose you’ve changed a slug and all references on Google still refer to that old slug. You solve it easily by setting up a wildcard redirect.

Set up wildcard redirects

You can easily redirect a slug by adding a wildcard redirect. You do this by adding this in the source url:^/old-slug/*. Then enter at target url: /new-slug toe/. After this https://www.someurl.com/old-slug/this-is-a-post/ is redirected to https://www.someurl.com/new-slug/this-is-a-post/. But also https://www.someurl.com/old-slug/this-is-another-post/ to https://www.someurl.com/new-slug/this-is-another-post/. So you don’t have to redirect all posts. Nice! You understand the idea. Read the full documentation here Redirection.

Make visitors smile when they see your 404 page. Then it’s more likely they click further

I could use some help with Redirection!

If you need help to get started with redirection, we would be happy to give a 1 on 1 workshop for an hour. Now only for € 69,-*. Call us or leave your contact information so we can contact you.

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A series about SEO

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