Social Media 1 | The don’ts you have to avoid for more likes

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Do you have a trendy social media manager? The cool content creator who gets his content strategy out when you want to share something? Probably not. You often have to think of what you are going to share and when. How you respond when there is interaction with you on a social media. All things where you can make mistakes that can be expensive. The list of virals of misunderstood terms and reactions of brands are endless. We would like to go over a view don’ts with you.

Big brands also sometimes make a mistake

Many people found an advertisement of a big Dutch insurance company sexist. They received a storm of criticism, removed the post and apologized.

The reaction from Ohra was: “The post of the 2 doctors was chosen unfortunate, stupid clumsiness of us, we apologize if we have bumped someone head. Sorry!”

Which don’ts do you have to pay attention to so this does not happen to you.

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Having no content strategy

Having a content strategy is important. Not just for social media but for all your content. It is much easier to create content from a strategy. You have mapped your target group and know exactly what content they want. You can plan your content ahead. The creation is not at the last moment. This allows you to serve a continuous stream of qualitative content to your followers.

No good follow-up strategy

If you have the attention of followers, it is important to have good follow-up steps. It is a waste of investment if you have no follow-up posts after your current posts. When you have finished creating your current content strategy, you will immediately start creating your next strategy. What has worked and what has not? What do we do the same and what do we do differently. Content type, times for sharing, regularity. All things that you have to determined again.

An unaudited post

Check, check double check! Always ensure your posts are checked. Proofread the post well. Check the photos and videos to see if there is anything crazy going on. Also listen carefully to the sound in videos. Is there something to hear that should not be heard. Check everything twice before you share it. A screenshot of your mistake is made just like that.

This does not always have to be someone else. Review the post yourself before you share it. We always advise to make content a few days in advance. We do not always succeed and despite the fact that this post goes online after being read by 2 people there is always a chance that something is wrong. If all goes well, we did not make such a mistake as with Ohra’s example.

You are not using #hashtags properly

Some social media run on hashtags. Think of Instagram and Twitter. Snapchat has found another way through geofilters. A kind of hashtags for Snapchat because they are more location oriented. On Facebook, using hashtags is actually a no no. Use Tagdef.com to investigate what the hashtags you’ve used mean. You do not want to link your message to an incorrect hashtag.

What not to do with hashtags

  1. Never use too many hashtags
  2. Do not long hashtags
  3. Do not use popular hashtags that have nothing to do with your post
  4. Do not use hashtags from competitors
  5. Do not use hashtags that contain jargon or branch keywords

Too many posts/too few posts

There must be a good balance in how often you post. This differs per social media network. On Instagram, the motto is not to post more than once a day. On Twitter you can post 20 times a day. One blog post per week is more than enough to inform your customers about new developments within your field. Look for balance and what is effective. View the platform, the target group and your own possibilities. Choose a post frequency that suits you.

Too many posts in a short period

We want emphasize this even more. A flood of social media messages is not effective. Especially when an account is new. We often think that a flood of posts is effective. It is often in a newly discovered enthusiasm for the medium. A flood of messages can mean that your first followers drop out because you flood their timeline with “not” relevant messages. Temper your enthusiasm and focus on a dynamic growth over time.

Contact us with questions about social media

No responding/Responding too much

How often do you have to respond? This can be difficult. Many brands only respond to negative reactions. That is not okay. Also try to engage in conversation with people who respond positively. Put them in the spotlight. Repost a nice message where they talk positively about you. Sometimes brands also choose to opt out of a conversation if the subject takes a turn that is not nice for them. You should always finish the conversation in a way that fits in a public dialogue.

“Did you know that social media use is an easy way for your brand to increase brand awareness? Creating a bond with your customers has never been easier.”

Wrong platform and wrong usage

Choose the platform that suits your target group. Each platform has its own target group in the corresponding age category. You can see that different platforms have a different place in the different age categories.

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Ages of groups

For convenience we’ll distribute the target group in these categories . Digiteens (15-19 years), Millennials (20-39 years) and Generation X (40-64 years). You can see the use of platform is very different. Keep this in mind before posting.

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Source: Social media research 2018 Newcom Research Consultancy

Choosing the platform that suits the target group of your age is important. It is also important to create content that fits the age category. You communicate and reach these age groups in different ways. Researchs this. What suits you for which group. For example, create a buyers persona. You do thishere with ease (Only in Dutch).

A buyer persona is an archetypal description of your ideal customer. By mapping the background, goals, challenges and pain points of your most important decision makers and influencers, you create valuable insights that help you market your product or service in a targeted manner.

Use of Social Media accounts

You do not have to fall back on these graphs every time you share something. Make this your guideline.

  • WhatsApp – all groups up to 64 years
  • Instagram – mainly Digiteens increase Millennials
  • SnapchatDigiteens increase Millennials
  • Facebook – mainly Generation X still widely used by Millennials but there is a decrease visible there
  • TwitterMillennials and Generation X
  • Pinterest – mainly Generation X
  • LinkedInMillennials and Generation X

Not sharing videos

We can no longer video content. After a number of years of ignoring Youtube, Youtube has been completely come back. Instagram Stories, Vine (no longer exists) and Snapchat have all contributed to the fact that we consume more video content. Only sharing photo and textual content is no longer enough. Be sure to focus on video content in 2019. For Youtube’s algorithm, the longer the better. You do not have to start with vlogs right away. Just start posting short videos.

Always use this checklist for posting

  1. Read the post and view the content a second time
  2. Make sure there are no grammar and language errors
  3. Follow the links you share in your post. Do they work or do you get a 404 notification
  4. Wil I share the post at a time that is most suitable for reaching my target group?
  5. Share it!

The use of social media to get in touch with your customers, potential customers and followers offers you many possibilities. Never forget you do it from a business or professional perspective. Always remember what you do. We can always advis in this area.

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A series about social media

It is important to us to inform about social media. Soon you will read a new article in this series.

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