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E-Commerce 3 | Are you already focussing on Black Friday and Christmas of 2019 as a webshop owner?

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Do the next holidays seem far away for you? Let me tell you they are not. To make full use of the shopping madness around Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas, you should already be busy with the holidays of 2019. Do you already have plans for your webshop for this year’s holidays? There is->

Privacy 1 | Privacy Day 2019. How privacy focused are you?

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Can we still hear the word privacy? Privacy is hot! GDPR, AVG. You come across these terms everywhere. Especially when it comes to online privacy. It was the European Day of Privacy 2019 last Monday. You probably heard about it. We deal with privacy issues on a daily basis, but also with our own privacy->

E-Commerce 2 | What are the trends for webshops for 2019?

Is your webshop optimized for mobile? More and more people are visiting a webshop on their smartphones. It’s logical, many visitors come to your webshop via Instagram, Facebook or other social media apps. Your webshop is loaded within the app. This is why visitors see the mobile version of your webshop. Fun fact, the purchases->