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Laravel 1 | Why am I so in love with Laravel?

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Do you also think about WordPress when thinking about an online solution? WordPress is a good solution for many online applications. I create many projects based on WordPress. Often you use many different plug-ins with WordPress that you have to “undress” before you have the right application for the user. Laravel is a PHP Framework->

Terms and Conditions 1 | Changes per May 10, 2019

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For us it is important that you know what agreements we have with each other. Transparency is a high priority for us. Our newest terms and conditions take effect today, on May 10, 2019 . If you use our services on or after that date, you agree to the changes. We recommend that you read->

Security 3 | What is two-step verification? The next step for better security!

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Have you heard about the data leak at the Gelre Hospitals? “Hacking” remains a hot item. You do not want to allow anyone to access your accounts and data. Can you do something about it yourself besides using a strong random password as a next step to secure your online accounts? Of course! Use two-step->

E-Commerce 2 | What are the trends for webshops for 2019?

Is your webshop optimized for mobile? More and more people are visiting a webshop on their smartphones. It’s logical, many visitors come to your webshop via Instagram, Facebook or other social media apps. Your webshop is loaded within the app. This is why visitors see the mobile version of your webshop. Fun fact, the purchases->

WordPress 1 | Are you ready for version 5.0 with Gutenberg?

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Will you be updating next week? Do not automatically update if WordPress suggests updating to the latest version. Later more about why you have to wait, but it’s finally time for the long awaited serious update of WordPress. The most important change is the Gutenberg editor. Many people use the standard editor to write articles->

Security 2 | Use secure passwords

Who still uses the same password nowadays? Three in five people must answer yes to this question. They use the same password for various online services. In addition, two out of five people use no more than four different passwords. These are shocking numbers when it comes to online security. Adobe, Bitly, BitTorrent, Dailymotion, imgur, LinkedIn, Playstation These companies were all->

Security 1 | You can no longer ignore SSL

Do you have an SSL certificate on your webshop or website? We have installed SSL certificates on all our services years ago already. We deal with a lot of sensitive data within our services. You may not realize it, but you do also. Personally, we believe we have gone to far with terms about our->

Our new corporate identity is live

Are you ever nervous for an important moment? We are. This is it. Our new corporate identity is live! From now on Snoober Media has a new website plus a new online and offline look. Why this new look? The world is changing and we are changing with it. Nowadays we make much more than->