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Security 7 | Why does WordPress security remain such a hot topic?

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You regularly hear messages in the media about the hacks and malware that nestle in unsafe installations of WordPress. So much is being written about it that we’ve noticed our customers have become insensitive to all the reporting on WordPress security. Unfortunately, a hack or malware on your WordPress webshop or website can have nasty->

Security 6 | Does the latest news about the use of your password manager scare you?

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A new day, a new bug. A new day, a new vulnerability. You probably already heard that someone found a vulnerability in the programs 1Password, LastPass, Dashlane, and KeePass. This only concerns Windows users. As a Mac user you do not have to worry about at this moment. The researchers only looked at Windows 10.->

Security 5 | Do you already use a password manager?

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How many passwords do you currently have? I’m at 442 and still counting. That are quite a few! Of all of those there is not one double. Of course I can’t remember all those passwords. I use iCloud Keychain for this. At Snoober Media we only use devices from Apple. Private also! This makes everything->

Security 4 | Management and maintenance app, webshop, CMS, game and website. Boring? Of course not!

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Have you noticed it with the update to WordPress 5.0? The doubt about when to exactly update? With such a radical update you always have to wait. We still have not updated our webshops and websites because we are still waiting for one plug-in that needs updating. Apps, webshops, Content Management Systems, games and websites->

Security 3 | What is two-step verification? The next step for better security!

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Have you heard about the data leak at the Gelre Hospitals? “Hacking” remains a hot item. You do not want to allow anyone to access your accounts and data. Can you do something about it yourself besides using a strong random password as a next step to secure your online accounts? Of course! Use two-step->

WordPress 1 | Are you ready for version 5.0 with Gutenberg?

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Will you be updating next week? Do not automatically update if WordPress suggests updating to the latest version. Later more about why you have to wait, but it’s finally time for the long awaited serious update of WordPress. The most important change is the Gutenberg editor. Many people use the standard editor to write articles->

Security 2 | Use secure passwords

Who still uses the same password nowadays? Three in five people must answer yes to this question. They use the same password for various online services. In addition, two out of five people use no more than four different passwords. These are shocking numbers when it comes to online security. Adobe, Bitly, BitTorrent, Dailymotion, imgur, LinkedIn, Playstation These companies were all->

Security 1 | You can no longer ignore SSL

Do you have an SSL certificate on your webshop or website? We have installed SSL certificates on all our services years ago already. We deal with a lot of sensitive data within our services. You may not realize it, but you do also. Personally, we believe we have gone to far with terms about our->