Terms and Conditions 1 | Changes per May 10, 2019

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For us it is important that you know what agreements we have with each other. Transparency is a high priority for us. Our newest terms and conditions take effect today, on May 10, 2019 . If you use our services on or after that date, you agree to the changes. We recommend that you read our new terms and conditions completely.

These are the most important updates in our terms and conditions

We hebben de algemene voorwaarden opgesplitst in:

General terms and conditions Snoober Media’s Application platforms
These terms and conditions relate to the services that we provide ourselves. Think of Reefler, Fifty/Fifty, apps, webshops, websites and services that we manage for Snoober Media.

General terms and conditions for supplied services
These terms and conditions apply to the services we provide to our customers. Consider external parties who have us develop an app, webshop or website and for which we do content creation, online marketing, illustration and management and maintenance.

Because we are also dependent on our own developed services for the second general conditions, they both fall under one general policy.

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